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JEA Mentoring Committee member Mary Anne McCloud shared a number of digital resources with mentors at the Mentor Forum, Thursday Nov. 16, 2017 in Dallas, Texas.

Mary Anne’s Top Digital Resources

  • JEA Digital Media: This incredible resource offers one-stop shopping for all things media curated by JEA’s Digital Media Committee.
  • National Scholastic Press Association and of course JEA connects student journalists through critiques, competitions and conventions.
  • Student Press Law Center is the best source of information on student press rights, censorship news, and other legal issues. The site includes a Freedom of Information generator.
  • Aaron Manfull’s website TheNext26 offers great information including some of the best lessons of some of the nation’s top journalism educators, staff recruitment ideas, and Tips for Editors of student publications.
  • Teen Vogue is a surprisingly good source for stories from a young woman’s perspective, and it covers much more than mascara and clothes. Here is a sample of current headlines from their news blog: “Why Trump’s Disagreement With the U.S. Intelligence Community Could Be Dangerous,””Sexual Harassment in Government Is Especially Troubling for Black Women,” “How the Proposed Republican Tax Plan Would Impact You (and Your Money).” Teen Vogue also sponsors a prestigious internship program and a Teen Summit.
  • Poynter, the outstanding think tank for journalism, offers Tools for Educators and an impressive list of online learning courses.
  • Last on our list is Newseum. It’s the next best thing to actually visiting the Washington, D.C. institution. Online you’ll find exhibits, including daily front pages from newspapers around the country and world, and a vast section for educators to help teach media literacy and First Amendment freedoms.