As part of today’s Mentor Forum at the JEA Fall Convention in Chicago, a session focused on coaching as part of teacher support.

The JEA Mentor Program training is based on material from the world-renowned New Teacher Center training. So it was appropriate for the Chicago Mentor Forum to review a portion of the newly released NTC Instructional Coaching Practice Standards. In groups, mentors read and interpreted a single standard before listing ways in which a practicing mentor can support a mentee based on that standard. When each group shared their list, even more ideas surfaced to help mentors enhance their practice.

Photos from this session and the resulting interpretations are featured in the photos that follow.

Mentor Linda Ballew from Great Falls, Montana, explains the work of her table group in unpacking the language of the new teacher coaching standards of the New Teacher Center. Looking in is Linda Barrington, Mentor from Wisconsin and former Mentoring Chair.


Standard 3.1 Cultivates trust, caring, mutual respect & honesty






















Coaching language for collaboration, problem solving, and reflective analysis










Strategic coaching










Coaching & collaboration using tools & protocols to advance, structure learning time









Race / Culture / Diversity










Understand the cultural connections with parents and community