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Mentoring Monday: Recipes for successful mentoring cooked up at JEA Mentor Forum in Minneapolis

by Judy Robinson JEA Mentor Committee member At the Mentor Forum in Minneapolis at the Journalism Education Association/National Scholastic Press Association convention  last week, Peggy Gregory started things cooking with a warm-up activity challenging mentors to create recipes with ingredients for success for the futures of mentors and mentees in the program. Be assured there...

Judy Robinson receives NSPA Pioneer Award

Judy Robinson (center) received NSPA Pioneer Award at the Advisers’ Awards Luncheon at the JEA/NSPA convention. She received award from Monica Hill (left) and Linda Drake. Digital Judy is a member of the JEA Mentor Committee.

Mentor Committee meets to plan new mentor training at Seattle convention

Mentor Committee members discuss topics and schedule for the next new mentor training. Front row – Norma Kneese, Nick Ferentinos, Judy Robinson and Bill Flechtner. Back row – Julie Dodd, Linda Barrington and Peggy Gregory. (Photo by Wayne Dunn)

Mentors answer questions about mentoring program at Meet the Mentors table

Peggy Gregory and Katy Gray staff the Meet the Mentors table in the JEA Bookstore. They answer questions about the mentoring program and offer advice to new journalism teachers.

Skits and Comics at Forum

With fifteen participants in the Mentor Forum, we have had several interactive, brainstorming opportunities.  If you are a mentor, you will know how creative your colleagues can be. Bill Fletchner was creative and asked the mentors to sing, dance or act what they believed mentoring to be like: an animal, a force of nature or...

Mentor Forum Minneapolis: Warms Your Heart

Our Mentor Forum started early this morning. We ate. We shared. We told stories of our remembrances of recently departed Jolene Combs and Nancy Becker and praised their lives as mentors and friends. Peggy Gregory, chef of ingenious icebreakers, had the mentors develop recipes for successful mentoring. We’ll have some great recipes to post here,...

Tips to help teachers structure successful trips to journalism conventions

Attending a state, regional or national journalism convention can be a highlight of the school year for the students and teachers who attend. Preparing for a successful trip requires additional planning on the part of teachers — including booking transportation and hotel rooms, collecting permission forms, and getting travel to the event approved by the...

Advice on how to respond to students who expect an elective journalism class to be ‘fun and easy’

by Julie Dodd JEA Mentor Committee co-chair Here’s a question I received from a new journalism teacher: “I have a couple of students who have told me that because journalism is an elective, they think it should be more fun. They’re not fans of reading and writing activities, so I’m struggling a bit with trying to...