Mentor form snapshotThe Mentoring Committee has developed a Google form to use for reporting your mentoring activities. This calls for essentially the same information JEA Mentors have been reporting on their narrative reports, but the new form will make it easier for Mentors to do their reports and for the committee to compile the information it needs.

Deadlines: Complete one form for each mentee by February 10 for first semester and July 10 for second semester. To access the form, just click on the image above left or go to:

One suggestion: Mentors may  wish to use word processing software to compose their narrative reports for the last section (Focuses, Challenges, Concerns) prior to completing the form so they can share these with their SPAs or other funders who will not get copies of the Google Forms. Please be as thorough and detailed in this section as you have been in your previous narrative reports.

Any questions about these reports should be directed to Shelia Jones at