Jessica Young (far left) and her staff with mentor Konnie Krislock at the Newspaper2 Workshop

A rewarding part of the JEA Mentoring Program is seeing the mentees and their students excel.

New advisers stay in the Mentoring Program for typically two to three years. In that time, their mentors work with them to develop their advising and teaching abilities and encourage them to get involved in professional development.

Jessica Young is one of the many mentee graduates who have moved confidently into the world of scholastic journalism — from attending conventions to taking on leadership positions. Jessica was one of Konnie Krislock’s mentees.

Jessica Young's students at Orlando convention

Jessica Young’s students wait to be interviewed for a broadcast write-off competition at the JEA/NSPA convention in Orlando.

Jessica attending her first JEA/NSPA convention with her students and Konnie. Jessica then moved on to helping Konnie and California mentor Jolene Combs, co-chaired the 2011 Anaheim convention, and then to being co-chair of the 2014 San Diego convention.

She brought nine of her students from Orange Glen High School (Escondido, California) to the Orlando convention, eight of who were attending a JEA/NSPA convention for the first time.

Jessica was named a JEA Rising Star in 2012 and serves on the board of trustees for Quill and Scroll.