by Julie Dodd and Linda Barrington
JEA Mentoring Committee

Sharon Tally and her retirement quilt

Sharon Tally received a surprise retirement gift — a quilt signed by JEA members. Photo by Pam Bolles

Sharon Tally is retiring, and we’re going to miss her.

Sharon is one of the administrative staff members at the JEA Headquarters at Kansas State University and has been a key part of JEA office operations for 13 years. Her official retirement day is June 28.

Those of us involved in the JEA Mentoring Program really appreciate Sharon’s work with us. Since the program began in 2007, Sharon has been the one who (along with JEA Executive Directors Linda Puntney and now Kelly Furnas) has helped us in handling our program’s funding. Since then, she has helped process funds from more than 20 state and regional organizations that have paid the mentor stipends. We appreciated Sharon helping us verify our records and for processing checks for the mentors.

We also know of Sharon’s behind-the-scenes efforts when we’ve each been on the JEA Certification Commission. Sharon attended the meetings, took minutes, and got the tests ready each time there has been an opportunity for teachers to take the certification exams. She then gets the finished exams to the committee members who are evaluating them. She recorded the results, notified the test-takes, and made the certificates … all the detail work that makes the program run smoothly.

JEA members were able to say “thanks” to Sharon by signing a quilt that was brought to the JEA/NSPA convention in San Francisco. The JEA office staff — Kelly Furnas, Connie Fulkerson, Pam Boller and Arthi Subramanian — presented Sharon with the quilt at her retirement party.

Thanks to Sharon for the help and support she has provided to high school and middle school teachers and students and all of us involved in JEA commissions, committee and projects who have benefited from her efforts. Best wishes in your retirement, Sharon!