[Editor’s note: One of the last activities of the day-long Mentor Forum was asking the mentors to complete an evaluation of the day’s activities. Here are some of the results.]

by Peggy Gregory
JEA Mentoring Committee

Reactions to the day were extremely positive. Comments included:

  • I liked the adherence to the time and the clear statements of purpose. Some of us get carried away in our enthusiastic passion.
  • I like the revisiting of key ideas because no two years of mentorship is the same.
  • Well-paced activities – very useful, practical content with lively discussion and interaction.
  • Break-outs were quite good. As usual, it is always easier to interact and learn in smaller groups. I would suggest doubling the morning break-out session.
  • I enjoyed each phase of today’s sessions!
  • The program was well organized and the timing worked out well.