– Posted Dec. 15, 2010
by Peggy Gregory

As the semester quickly comes to an end, you may want to share with your mentees – if you haven’t already – the grading material on the CD. There are a variety of forms for grading stories to grading photographers to staffer self-evaluations to end-of-issue grading. Materials included are from well known journalism teachers such as Rob Melton, Karl Grubaugh and Susan Hathaway Tantillo.

My materials are in a folder and include an overview of how I graded for each issue including Beat Sheets, Rough Drafts, Deadlines, Advertising and the final Issue Evaluation. I explain the point system I used and the rationale for each.

So, even if your mentee does not need help on grading, now might be a good time to preview materials on the CD to share before the new semester begins.