Download and print out this chart for a quick view about joining the Mentor Program.  This is good information for a scholastic press association interested in joining the program.

joining the mentor program        joining the mentor program PDF

How to become a JEA mentor

Contact your state scholastic press association to see if it already participates in the JEA Mentor Program.  If it does, explain that you are interested in becoming a JEA mentor in your state.  The association will let you know if it can afford to support an additional mentor and will examine your qualification to determine if you will meet the needs in your state.  (See bulleted list below.)

If your state scholastic press association doesn’t participate, contact the Mentor Program chair, Patrick Johnson, at  He will contact the state association about joining the program.

JEA mentors should:

  • Be outstanding, knowledgeable advisers who are retired or near retirement
  • Be recognized as outstanding teachers who maintain positive peer relations
  • Understand beginning teacher development
  • Be able to share instructional ideas and materials with mentees and to discuss assessment information
  • Be committed to their own professional growth and learning
  • Possess effective interpersonal and collaborative skills
  • Be in good enough health to travel to schools and national conventions
  • Be JEA certified as CJE or MJE; or become certified within one year of becoming a mentor
  • Recommended by their state scholastic press association
  • Establish open communication and honor confidentiality


How to become a mentee in the JEA Mentoring Program / How to find a mentor

If you meet the following requirements, contact the Mentor Program chair, Bill Flechtner, at and he will let you know if there is a mentor in your state.  If your state scholastic press association does not participate, he will offer you the option of having a long-distance mentor from another state.

JEA mentees should:

  • Be the newly assigned media adviser on campus
  • Have little or no experience with journalism or advising
  • Be willing to commit to two years of mentoring.
  • Be open to receiving suggestions, support, guidance, and constructive criticism
  • Have true commitment to the mentoring program
  • Establish professional goals with assistance from mentor
  • Be willing to take risks, ask questions, and try new ideas
  • Establish open communication and honor confidentiality
  • Be determined to remain in a journalism position and improve the quality of the media being advised


Updated June 2017