Sports Journalism, new committee chair profiled, expanding & re-branding JEA Mentoring – all featured in this issue.

One of the hottest trends in scholastic journalism is the focus of the cover story in the Spring 2018 issue of Mentoring Matters newsletter.

Sports journalism is a small but growing addition to the traditional offerings of scholastic journalism, a trend visible in new course titles and in the promotions of summer media workshops. Read about it in Sheila Jones’s cover story.

JEA Mentoring is now in 26 states. The visual centerspread  identifies these states, their mentors and mentees. This is also available as an interactive graphic here.

In December, JEA President’s Sarah Nichols appointed a new Mentor Committee Chair, Patrick Johnson. Linda Barrington profiles him in her story, and you can also read about Johnson’s four goals for expanding and rebranding JEA Mentoring.

All this and “Best Advice from My Mentor” is available in the spring issue.  All issues of Mentoring Matters are available here on the website under the Newsletters tab. Email Linda Barrington at to order print copies of the issue.