New mentors and trainers at the JEA Advisers Institute in Las Vegas, July 6-9, 2015

Front row: Linda Ballew (Montana), Katherine Patrick (Wyoming), Karen Boone (Oregon), Linda Barrington (Wisconsin/trainer)
Back row: Gary Lindsay (Iowa/trainer), Bob Bair (Nebraska), Vicki Brennan (Florida), Steve Unruhe (North Carolina), Ann Visser (Iowa), Ray Hopfer (Oregon), Megan Fitzgerald (Florida), Bill Flechtner (Oregon/trainer)

Mentors spent two and a half days learning and developing mentoring skills so they can assist new journalism advisers when they return home.

“Every high school journalism program is different,” JEA director Kelly Furnas said, “and mentors provide an avenue to specialize training and support based on the need and resources of individual schools.”

With this cohort of nine new mentors, JEA will have 36 mentors from 17 states working with new advisers during 2015-2016.

– Linda Barrington reporting from the mentor training