The mentor forum is underway in San Francisco and we started the morning off with a discussion of technology — specifically touch screen technology. We looked at several apps that mentors could use both for themselves and share with their mentees. Apps such as GarageBand on the iPad, Scancam, Hello Sign, iMotion HD and more.


Martha Rothwell takes notes using dual technologies — phone and pen


Kathy Schrier checks the schedule for the JEA convention.


Patti Turley always has a ready smile


Nick Ferentinos working with the new mentors in a training session


Digital Judy watches as Carmen Wendt starts grooving to her first loop created in GarageBand on the iPad. If you make your own loops, you own the copyright.


Katharine Swann talks with new mentors from Denver


Carmen Wendt and Marilyn Chapman check out the contents of the convention bags.

Photos by Bill Fletchner, Judy Robinson