by Bill Flechtner
JEA Mentoring Committee and Oregon mentor

We have big plans for the Mentor Forum on Thursday (Nov. 15) that include you as an integral part of what we are doing. So if you are attending, you have some preparation to do. If you are not attending, we still want to hear from you about any of the topics listed, and we’ll include them in the discussion. No one is off the hook for this forum!

Many of you expressed a desire to have more interaction with other mentors regarding how to do mentoring. Here’s how we have developed the day with that in mind.

Most of the morning will be devoted to discussing issues, concerns, problems you are having and would like some input on. That means you need to be ready to share those areas in a small group format and then report out solutions or suggestions to the large group. This session won’t work without your input. And if you are not attending, please send to me those areas you would like discussed, and those issues will be part of the discussion.

Another section of the Forum will deal with the use of technology. We need you to be ready to share how you are using it and to also bring issues and frustrations you may be having with the use of technology when you are working with your mentees. We want to hear what you are doing or have tried, whether it’s working or not. Again, this session won’t work without your input. Not attending? Send those same comments to me for inclusion.

Another section will cover working with mentees who are a great distance and that you cannot see as often as you would like or won’t see at all. For instance, I am mentoring someone in Reno, Nevada. That’s too far for me to see her. Georgia and Wayne Dunn will be sharing one approach that is working for them with cross-state mentees. How are you interacting with those distant mentees? And yes, this session won’t work without your input. And for those not going to San Antonio, send what you want to have discussed in this area to me as well.

Getting the picture? We want you to come prepared to be actively involved in the sessions of the forum. We look forward to what you are going to add to the discussion, whether in the room or through communication with me. Peggy Gregory, Mary Anne McCloud, Nick Ferentinos and I thank you in advance for how you are going to contribute to this forum.

Check back on the blog for the agenda for the Mentor Forum.