by Julie Dodd
JEA Mentoring Committee co-chair

Good news for broadcast and video advisers.

Members of the JEA Digital Media Committee have created a Guide to Broadcast and Video to be a resource for advisers who are working broadcast or video.

The guide is set up in sections that make it easy to find the kind of information you need — recording audio, determining story ideas for broadcast, writing broadcast copy, legal issues, and more. The information provided in the guide helps beginners get started and provides tips and strategies for the more experienced.

You don’t need to be advising a staff of students to find this information to be useful. The guide will be helpful to you if you’re trying to learn to do your own audio or video for personal projects.

Thanks to Michael Hernandez, Don Goble and Matt Rasgorshek for taking the lead on this helpful project.

Michael asks us to share the news about the guide. So please, send the link to this post to advisers you know.

If you read sections of the guide, please take time to comment online so that the advisers who have created the guide will have your feedback.

I’m especially pleased that this guide is available. Based on the survey that UF doctoral student Christine Eschenfelder and I conducted this spring of JEA members, we found that the majority of those advising video and broadcast staffs do not have formal training. Most have begun advising broadcast and video classes after they started teaching. So this guide will be so helpful.