by Judy Robinson
JEA Mentoring Committee

If you have a mobile device —  Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch — you’ll love the new mobile Seattle convention guidebook. It’s a new resource for this year’s convention as explained on the StudentPress blog.

I look forward to fitting this mobile guide into my purse.  No more forgetting my heavy convention book in the hotel room when I most need to look up what room I should be in!

As an iPhone user, I was able to download the “guidebook app” free from the App store. Android users can check the “Marketplace” and  Windows 7 users can download online from

In the App store,  search for “guidebook.”  Once you’ve downloaded the free “guidebook” then you need to search and scroll under “conventions” until you find JEA/NSPA 2012. Click, and the book downloads to your device.

I think you’re really going to love it.  And here’s the reasons why:

  1. The guidebook is handily searchable. You can search for bios of any speaker or presenter at the convention. You can search the sessions by category  or by day.  You can quickly find the room and time of a session you want to attend.
  2. You won’t need to rely on the sporadic or weak wireless of a convention center — or anywhere else — to access the information. The guide has downloaded to your device.
  3. The convention book will not weigh more than your phone.
  4. The maps of the convention center can be enlarged and you can really read the room numbers.
  5. You can schedule all of the sessions, luncheons, and places you want to be into a section that is your personal planner in the guide.  This is done with the click of a button.
  6. You can set alarms (or not) for each of the sessions you  indicated you wanted to attend.
  7. You could be saving paper.

There are more reasons to love this new mobile guidebook, I’m sure.  If you find something I missed, let me know or leave a comment.