Can you speak to the value of the First Amendment in less than 140 characters?

On Dec. 15, the Knight Foundation is sponsoring Free to Tweet, encouraging everyone to tweet about the value of the First Amendment by sending a tweet with the hashtag — #freetotweet. That day is National Bill of Rights Day and the 220th anniversary of the First Amendment.

Students between 14 and 22 who post a tweet with the #freetotweet hashtag are entered into the Free to Tweet contest. The Knight Foundation is awarding 22 $5,000 scholarships to contest winners.

The contest website reminds students that:

“The First Amendment was born in the 18th century but it’s your ticket to expressing yourself in 21st century ways. It guarantees your right to write, tweet, blog, read, sing and perform. It protects you at school and in church, allowing you to be you.”

The Free to Tweet website includes a list of performers who will be tweeting on Dec. 15 and also includes a link to posters for the event.

If you don’t have a Twitter account, now could be the time to create one — free at

Call, email or tweet your mentees to encourage their students to participate in Free to Tweet.

Just 140 characters could mean $5,000.