by Peggy Gregory

A video conversation between Mary Anne McCloud and her mentee Erica Rickard was viewed during the afternoon of the mentor training.

Mentor trainer Nick Ferentinos prompted mentors to watch the video for:

  • Mentor language – conversation stems
  • Paraphrasing
  • Clarifying questions
  • Mediational questions
  • Non-judgmental responses
  • Suggestions
  • Body language

Mentors, who all agreed that the conversation was an outstanding example of mentoring, noticed that McCloud waited for responses and assessed the situation Rickard described before responding. A comfortable relationship was apparent between the two.

Commenting on the conference, Mentor Dianne Gum said, “This is truly a good example which people can aspire to. Wow! What a relationship.”

Ferentinos noted that McCloud started the conversation on a positive note and with a positive presupposition. Also, her body language mirrored the mentee’s and the nodding promoted a positive feeling. McCloud prompted deep thinking through her questions, Ferentinos noted.

(Photo by Bill Fletchner)