by Peggy Gregory

Digital Judy, otherwise known as Judy Robinson, urged mentors to sign up for the JEA Mentoring Matters blog during her session, “Technology for Mentees.”

Signing up will enable mentors to receive automatic emails for each blog update. Mentors will also find many helpful resources on the blog including a list of websites, photos of events, a link for filing reports and the new mentor radio.

Formerly referred to as podcasts, the new radio section of the blog captures such conversations as a first censorship experience, the value of mentoring, communication strategies and more. Robinson encouraged mentors to do more recording.

Microphones for recording the podcasts are on loan for two years or longer for very productive mentors. Robinson told mentors they could download, Audacity, a free editing tool for podcasts or simply send them to her, and she will edit the recordings.

She also announced that webinars are on the horizon. These will be for scheduled, synchronous communication for problem solving and for getting new information or receiving new training.