Kathy, Marilyn, Konnie record a Mentor Radio episode at the Mentor Forum in Kansas City

At the recent Mentor Forum at the JEA convention in Kansas City we had afternoon breakout sessions.

Three mentors, pictured left, decided to discuss Mentor Radio, its value, potential and their reactions.

The recording is instructive in a number of ways.  I would encourage you to note whether you find the background voices distracting.

The large room at the Kansas City Convention center had a high ceiling.  You can hear, at times, discussion and voices from groups of mentors who are meeting in the other three corners of this room.  The photo above shows you the distance between groups.  The audio file will let you hear how proximity of microphone to speaker can be used to help voices rise above the other voices.

A plus — you are now witness with me to the promises Konnie and Kathy make!  – Judy

To Listen Now, select the triangular play button. (6:55 min)

To Download the mp3, right-click on this link 06mentors-on-mentorradio.mp3
and save to your desktop.