Today’s JEA Mentor Radio (previously known as our podcast) features one of our recent mentors, Carla Harris, interviewing “Geno” Van Gorder from Arlington High School  in Oregon.

Carla’s interview with Gino will immediately grab your attention.  When Gino talks about students bringing shotguns to school, you can hear the alarm in Carla’s voice. Listen and you’ll hear how it works out.

To hear other JEA Mentor Radio episodes look at the top of this blog page and you’ll see “Mentor Radio” tab.  You can listen immediately to the audio on that page or download  as an mp3 and move it to your iPhone or whatever you use to listen to audio.

I need more JEA Mentor Radio episodes.  If you have an audio recorder and have recorded  yourself sharing ideas for other mentors or have recorded an interview with your mentee please bring your recorder (or the files) to the Kansas City convention in a couple of weeks and I’ll edit and prepare it for others to hear on our  “JEA Mentor Radio”.

I did have these files working as a syndicated podcast on iTunes but I just noticed that only one audio file is now showing up.  Something isn’t working right. Until I figure out what happened (really, it was working fine earlier) I know you all won’t mind listening through our JEA Mentoring Blog.

– Judy