by Judy Robinson

On August 5, 2010, Julie E. Dodd, co-chair and one of the founders of the  JEA Mentoring program, delivered the 2010 Scholastic Journalism Division Honors Lecture at the AEJMC conference in Denver.

Many of you wanted to hear her yet were unable to be there for a variety of reasons.  Since several people had asked how they could hear her lecture,  I recorded it and have posted it.

The introduction by Vanessa Shelton, Quill & Scroll Executive Director and Head of the Scholastic Journalism Division, is included in the recording. The article written by Tom Eveslage may be found on the AEJMC Scholastic Journalism Division site.

You can either click and listen below or you may listen via the JEA Mentoring podcast in iTunes.

You can, if you choose the latter mode, download the mp3 and listen on the mp3 player of  your choice.