by Julie Dodd
JEA Mentoring Committee co-chair

The mentor training made the homepage of the JEA website  — with a photo of the mentors and trainers on the steps of Kedzie Hall at Kansas State University.

Here’s the group — Front row (left to right): Kay Locey (Washington), Janice Hatfield (Pennsylvania), Julie Dodd (committee co-chair), Nick Ferentinos (committee member), Linda Barrington (committee co-chair); Back row: Kathleen Zwiebel (Pennsylvania), Marilyn Chapman (South Carolina), Pat Graff (New Mexico), Casey Nichols (California), Carol Smith (Illinois) and Judy Robinson (committee member).

Judy set up the shot, set the timer, and dashed to the back row to be in the photo.

We had a great three days of training with lots of discussion, problem solving, and activities. The last activity was for each mentor to discuss their plans — recruiting mentees and connecting with supporters in their states (i.e., the scholastic press organizations, other JEA mentors, professional media).