by Julie Dodd
JEA Mentoring Committee co-chair

A visit to Linda Puntney’s office at Kansas State is a reminder of the many hats she wears — as executive director of the Journalism Education Association, as adviser of The Royal Purple yearbook, as a summer workshop instructor, as a faculty member, and as director of student media.

She tells us stories of photos and cards and stuffed animals in her office that have been given to her by yearbook staffs and former students.

And we also see a lot of purple — the Kansas State color.

We’re now back to getting ready for the start of the Mentor Academy tomorrow with Linda helping with all the many details — determining lunch arrangements, locating materials to be used in activities, and double-checking hotel accommodations for the mentors who will be arriving a later on today. We ¬†certainly appreciate all that Linda has done and will be doing this week to help us with the mentor training.