Editor’s note: This announcement was posted on the JEA homepage on May 17.

Kelly Furnas, editorial adviser at Virginia Tech University has accepted the position of JEA executive director, instructor/associate director of Student Publications at Kansas State and adviser to the Royal Purple yearbook. He should begin in the position Aug. 1.

Kelly is a graduate of Kansas State University where he served as editor of the Collegian. At Virginia Tech he as been the editorial adviser to the newspaper, yearbook and all media. He led his students through the coverage of the Virginia Tech shootings two years ago.

Linda Puntney said, “When he was on campus for the final interview he was asked why he wanted the position. He said it was not a matter of coming home as some suggested. It was more about the job including everything he wanted to do — advising, working with high-school journalism and connecting with students in the classroom.”

And she said this was the perfect job for him because it encompasses all the things he’s passionate about.