by Julie Dodd
JEA Mentoring Committee co-chair

It’s hard to imagine JEA without Linda Puntney at the helm. But she will be retiring at the end of the academic year — and then spending a month helping train the new executive director.

But who will that new executive director be?

The job announcement has just been posted on the JEA Web site. Applications will be reviewed beginning April 1, with the goal of having the new executive director in the job on July 1.

As you read the job description, you’ll see what we all know — this is a BIG job.

In addition to serving as JEA executive director, the individual will teach two courses a semester and will be 50 percent time as associate director of Student Publications Inc.

I didn’t see that the new executive director’s benefits include a lifetime supply of Wheaties, but I’m sure Linda could provide information about that. 🙂

All of us who are involved in JEA know how important the executive director is to the organization’s operation and vision. We certainly count on Linda’s efforts to help us with the mentoring program, for example.

So, help get the word out about the job and help recruit good candidates for the postion.