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Radio Episode #7

Marilyn Chapman shares her iDea with the iPad for Caption Writing

Julie Dodd interviewed Marilyn Chapman at the Kansas City airport while they were waiting for their plane to fly home from the JEA Fall 2010 Convention in Kansas City.  Marilyn shared her unique approach to teaching caption writing with the iPad.

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Radio Episode #6

Three Mentors discuss the idea of  “Mentor Radio” and Podcasts

Konnie Krislock, Kathy Schrier and Marilyn Chapman discuss their ideas and thoughts about “Mentor Radio” at the Mentor Forum in Kansas City at the Fall 2010 JEA Convention.

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Radio Episode #5

A Mentee’s First Encounter with Censorship Issues

Mentor Martha Rothwell interviews her mentee Melanie (Fehrenbacher) Huynh-Duc about Melanie’s first censorship concern.

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Radio Episode #4

The Value of Mentors

Mentor Carla Harris talks with her Mentee “Geno” Van Gorder from Arlington High School on Highway 84 in Oregon.  Gino, a 4th year adviser discusses why mentees will benefit from having mentors.

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Radio Episode #3

Change, Challenge and Connections in Scholastic Journalism Today

Julie Dodd’s Honors Lecture titled “Change, Challenge and Connections” at the 2010 AEJMC (Association for Educators of Journalism and Mass Communications) in Denver.  The introduction is given by Vanessa Shelton, Executive Director of Quill and Scroll.

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Radio Episode #2

Mentor/Mentee Communication Strategies

Julie Dodd interviews Mary Anne McCloud and her mentee, Erica Rickard, on their communication strategies as Mentor and Mentee.

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Radio Episode #1

Value in Mentor Workshops at JEA Conventions

A brief interview with Mary Anne McCloud from Newton, Kansas when she is in Washington.  She speaks of the benefits of attending the JEA convention Mentoring Workshops.

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