Instructions and/or discussion on a variety of topics for JEA Mentors:

1. Blogs:  Some things to try to get to know more about blogs

How do I subscribe to Blogs using an aggregator or RSS reader.

Answer: Watch this short video about using the free Google Reader (which is an aggregator).

Practice by:

  • subscribing to this blog (JEA Mentoring) using Google Reader
  • subscribing to a good blog on Where Journalism and Technology Meet (10,000 Words)
  • Sending the URL (the Web address) of a favorite blog you read to us so other mentors can enjoy it too)
  • Sending your own blog URL, if you have one, so other mentors could follow you and see blogs other mentors have created

2. How to record audio using the Zoom H2 recorder.

3. How to upload audio for a podcast to be created with your recording.